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Here we will be listing the cat shows that we will be showing our Abys and the results of these shows for our cats.

Cat Shows:

Jan 6/7 Burlington, VT @ Sheraton Hotel

Jan 27/28 Dover, NH @ dover Middle School

Results of the above Cat Shows
Just to update you on our journeys; Jazzy Abbys Satin Doll is now a Champion in CFA and we will be showing our latest kitten Jazzy Abbys Fats Waller at future CFF & CFA shows.
Fats Waller is a huge hit with the judges, making four finals at the CFA Dover Show! One 2nd, two 3rds, and a 5th.
Now on to the CFF National Show in Concord, NH on Feb 17th & 18th. Hope to see you there!

If I'm a member of a pets webring, I'll include the banner links here.

Distinctive Red & Ruddy Abyssians