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Abyssinian Traits

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Abyssinian Traits
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Although there are four accepted colors for Abyssinians we breed and show the more traditional red and ruddy colors.

The first Abys started to show up in the 1860s in Britain, brought home by British soldiers from North Africa during the Abyssinian War. The first Aby to reach England was given to the wife of a British Officer and named for the place British troops first landed in North America, "ZULU". The early names for these unusual ticked cats were called "Ticks", British Ticks", and Bunny Cats". 

The Abyssinian breed was introduced in America in the early 1900s and currently is the 5th most popular pure bred cat.

The typical female Aby weighs between 5-7 pounds and the males between 7-9 pounds.

They are a very muscular yet slender, graceful, and elegant.

Their coat is short, dense and resilient; each hair is ticked with several bands of color.

The overall temperment of an Aby is; extremely active, very intelligent, curious, and loving. They act more like dogs then the common cats and are easily trained to fetch and play. 

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Distinctive Red & Ruddy Abyssians